• A cozy bar offering premium beverages

    Innovative cocktails and an extensive list of fine Bourbon, Gin, Vodka & Liqueurs compliment our wine & craft beer selections

  • Welcome to Roti Roppongi

    A casual sophisticated wine bar & brasserie right in the heart of Tokyo's best entertainment district.

  • The modern urban meeting point

    A place to eat, drink and socialize both for special occasions, and for simple everyday gatherings.

  • Tozer is not merely a sensational cook

    He is a true restaurateur, and it shows throughout the restaurant. If you want to experience a great chef/restaurateur at the height of his career, then book a table now.

  • In the Tokyo food maze

    Sometimes you need a taste of the familiar. A Tokyo classic since 2001 Roti Roppongi has managed to stay fresh under the stewardship of British Chef Ian Tozer. In the flash in a pan and you're gone Tokyo restaurant scene, it is the upscale comfort food and agile English-speaking staff that has kept a steady audience of Japanese and expats coming back for over a decade. Savvy,Japan 2013

  • If it’s quality food you need

    Roti Roppongi knows what works best. They also have a longstanding reputation for offering some of the best Sunday brunches in Tokyo.
    Best Sunday brunches in Tokyo, CNN 2011

  • Your neighborhood eatery

    Delicious exciting inventive food, premium American craft beer and exceptional wines, a true modern Brasserie.

  • Premium American Craft Beer

    Six revolving taps, always fresh, what’s on tap posted on twitter as the kegs get hooked up. Voted best Restaurant serving Craft Beer in Japan.
    2013 The Japan Beer Times

  • Excellent wines by the glass & carafe

    and a hand picked selection of around sixty bottles, good wine makes all things better. Winners of Japans California by the glass Excellence award 2010/2014


    It’s the perfect time of year to dine al fresco and we are very happy to offer you that pleasure on our quiet and secluded 36 seat terrace. Roti Roppongi is located just down the street from Roppongi Hills and is right in the heart of Tokyo’s best entertainment district. We are  open every-day for  lunch, dinner and at the weekend for our popular  Weekend Brunch. If you would like to make a reservation just give us a call on 03-5785-3671 or alternatively send us  e-mail. info@roti.jp We look forward to seeing you soon.


    We are very happy to offer our delicious high-quality catered foods to all companies & individuals with-in a 5 km radius of our location in Roppongi. We are proud to boast we provide great food with “real restaurant taste”. For corporate events, office get togethers, social groups, networking hook-ups and home parties. Please find a link below to our current evening menu and ordering details, and please GET IN-TOUCH by telephone on 03-5785-3671 or send us a mail info@roti.jp We welcome your enquiries and are happy to discuss any proposal and or design custom packages, not detailed in our published catering package. CATERING MENU 









    We love this season and the abundance of fresh vegetables that are available to us. We are working hard to develop relationships with small local organic farmers in order to select the best produce of the season, Roti’s Menus have something for everyone which now also includes many healthy choices, such as our new Quinoa Power Bowls (pictured above) and excellent Gluten Free pasta. We look forward to seeing you this summer.