We serve this at the restaurant with our bread, the combination of bright green pistachios and dry roasted sesame seeds and spice is an invigorating experience, just dip your bread in good quality extra virgin olive oil, then the dukkah and your taste buds wake up.!

Dukkah-Dakka ‘whatever spelling you prefer’ is an Egyptian side dish consisting of a mixture of herbs, spice, nuts. It is typically used as a dip with bread but can also be used with fresh vegetables, Pre-made versions of dakka can be bought in the spice markets of Cairo with the simplest version being crushed mint, salt and pepper which are sold in paper cones. The packaged variety is found in markets that is composed of parched wheat flour mixed with cumin and caraway

The word is derived from the Arabic for “to pound” since the mixture of spices and nuts are pounded together after being dry roasted to a texture that is neither powdered nor paste-like. The actual composition of the spice mix can vary from family to family, vendor to vendor though there are common ingredients, such as sesame, coriander and cumin. Dukkah is simple to make at home and keeps well in an air-tight jar.


‘If you do not have an accurate scale, no worries, blend to taste’

100g Pistachio nuts

50g White sesame seeds

5g Cumin seeds

4g Coriander seeds

2g Black peppercorns

3g Sea salt

1g Cinnamon


2 options here the pro method and the ‘I do not have any kitchen equipment’ method, both are fine, and both worthwhile. If you have equipment get out your pestle and mortar, no equipment then a big knife and chopping board at least ?

you will also need a dry small saucepan or  frying pan

First dry roast your sesame seeds and spices, simply put them in a dry pan and onto the heat move them around as they heat up, you will know when they are ready as you will start to smell the roasted spice aroma, remove from heat and cool down

In your pestle & mortar add your cooled spice mix, give it a grind or three, you do not want powder you simply want to break the spices so they can release their flavor, once this is done add the pistachio’s and do the same, finally season well with good sea salt and cracked black pepper. Done

With out a pestle & mortar you will have to do the above with a knife on a cutting board, you can use the side of the knife in order to crack open the spices and nuts.